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Are you or your business stuck?  Don’t have anyone objective to talk to about it?  Don’t have a plan to break out of the rut?  Having troubles with growing sales?  Or even hiring the right salesperson or other critical personnel?  Don’t understand your financial statements or more importantly how to use them to improve your business?  Does your stall suffer from a lot of personality conflicts?

We help simplify business leadership allowing Business Owners to increase revenues, improve profitability and to operate their businesses more effectively such that they feel better and obtain a greater enjoyment from life and in running their businesses.

Smart State helps Business Owners provide their organizations the directional clarity and Traction (accountability and discipline) they need to implement their decisions smartly, consistently and efficiently, yielding Profitable Cash Flow, Engaged Employees, and Peace of Mind.

At Smart State we take the value of peer advisory boards (The Alternative Board) and compliment and augment it by simplifying business leadership to a point where real, lasting Traction (accountability and discipline) is achieved and maintained.

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The Smart State Team


Keith Weaver


Jack Ford


Alan Winchester


Maureen Rooney

The Smart State Business Leadership Mission

Smart State will be the trusted advisor to small and medium sized private business owners in the Triangle region. We will utilize a set of comprehensive business resources and tools to enable our clients to achieve their personal and business visions.

We will always conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and with our client’s best interest as our compass.

Smart State will be a respected community citizen in the performance of this mission.