Executive and Management Coaching Services

main_1Have you ever felt like you were alone in running your business, as if you needed a road map to chart your course?  Are you and or your company stuck in a rut?

These are very common issues with small business owners, who typically don’t have anyone other than a spouse or employee from which to seek counsel. Perhaps you just want to take your business to the next level. Smart State business coaching services is a comprehensive business guidance solution to help you overcome these frequent professional pitfalls.

At Smart State, our staff of professional certified business coaches have been where you are before.  Each has owned and grown their own businesses and each brings an average of over 25 years executive business experience to the table.  If you are like the many hundreds of business owners we have spoken with, you did not decide to start or own you own business because you were an expert in all areas of business.

Our private, confidential coaching sessions will help you gain clarity on your business challenges and align your tactics with your goals and vision. We serve as a sounding board, a conduit to solutions, which is the key to unlocking your capabilities and helping you reach your ultimate goals. With a private coach, you might be in business for yourself, but you are no longer by yourself.

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Sales Process Development

We help clients develop a process that results in consistent sales growth and stops the revolving salesperson door. In many cases we work directly with your salesperson/team on an ongoing basis.

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Budgeting/Financial Modeling

Smart State has developed a proprietary budgeting and financial modeling tool that allows our clients to forecast their Balance Sheets and produce a forecast Statement of Cash Flows over a year in advance.

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Crisis Management

Smart State can help you think through crisis situations, guide your decision making, and help you obtain the correct resources to resolve your issues.

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Hiring Process Development

The Smart State hiring process provides the horsepower to help you get the job done right and the expertise to take the guesswork out of the decision.

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Key Performance Indicators

Smart State can help you determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and to develop an executive dashboard.

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Personality Profiles and Assessments

Smart State is a licensed distributor of the DISC Behavioral and Motivators assessment. We use these two assessments to help our clients.

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Turnaround Management

Smart State can help you and your management team can distance yourselves somewhat from the more unpopular actions that often accompany crisis situations.

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