Hiring Process Development and Management

1356757_57335934Do you find it hard to identify the right people to hire?  Tired of putting up with mediocre employees?  Is the hiring process such a hassle that you simply give up and settle for the easiest candidate?

Think about how much more valuable your best employees are compared with your mediocre employees. At Smart State, we can help you hire more “best” employees.

Hiring the right people for your team is tough and takes a lot of effort, but nothing is more important to your company’s success.  Most employees are hired simply for their job-related experience.  However, the reason most employees succeed or fail is rarely due to experience, but instead is almost always due to identifiable character traits such as work ethic, communication skills, ability to work well on a team, etc.  The desired behavioral and motivator traits often vary from job to job, manager to manager, and company to company.

So how do you know what traits the candidate needs for the particular job, for the particular manager the employee will be working under, and to succeed in your company?  Even more challenging, how do you know if the candidate sitting across the table possesses these traits?

The Smart State hiring process provides the horsepower to help you get the job done right and the expertise to take the guesswork out of the decision.  We will help you identify the characteristics needed to be successful in your particular job, working for your particular manager in your particular company.  Utilizing properly worded questions, we will put candidates in properly set up situations and utilize state of the art behavioral and motivation assessments (DISC) to help you identify the best candidate for the position.

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