Who We Are

At Smart State we are Executive Coaches and our Purpose, our Cause and our Passion is to help private company business owners.

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Peer Advisory Boards And Executive Coaching

Welcome to Smart State and The Alternative Board. Our Team is made up of You, Other Clients, Our Partners and the Smart State Coaches. We help business owners be Happy with their companies by simplifying business leadership.

At Smart State we are seasoned professionals with many years of hands on experience and a proven process for helping dozens of small and medium sized business owners, CEOs and professionals achieve their visions.

The Smart State Business Leadership Mission

Smart State will be the trusted advisor to small and medium sized private business owners in the Triangle region. We will utilize a set of comprehensive business resources and tools to enable our clients to achieve their personal and business visions.

We will always conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and with our client’s best interest as our compass.

Smart State will be a respected community citizen in the performance of this mission.

The Alternative Board (TAB)

TAB is an exclusive organization of small and medium sized business owners, CEOs, presidents and professionals that utilize the power of peer board advice and professional coaching to support businesses and their owners such that they can achieve their visions for their businesses and their lives.

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Why did you to go into business for yourself?

  • More Money
  • Less Stress
  • More Freedom
  • Wanted to work for myself
  • Wanted to work fewer hours
  • Tired of working for someone else

What has been your reality?

  • Make less money
  • More stressed
  • Less freedom
  • Work more hours
  • Working for your business instead of it working for you

We have asked this question to many hundreds of business owners and there is one answer we have never gotten. The answer never heard is, “I went into business for myself because I was an expert in all the major areas of business.”

Any of this sound familiar to you?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

With Smart State and The Alternative Board we have helped over a hundred small and medium sized business owners right here in the Triangle area change this reality.

At Smart State we believe that small and medium sized businesses should have affordable access to the same quality of business advice and tools as do large companies.

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